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    Hi Valise, some remarks to improve your appartment: - you communicate fast (very good), but you have to be open as well. The ‘sink thing’ was not OK, was a known issue before we arrived and the solution is not the real solution. - it would be handy to know earlier what the procedure is to get into the appartment. At the last moment one is busier to get to the appartment than looking at the phone for instructions. - the fridge really needs defrosting. Costs you extra money on electricity and your guests annoyance, because everything got wet inside. The door needs to be repaired, thats the real problem. - mow the grass more frequently. That way it looks like you take care about guests and appartment. - remove the last line on the card about ‘giving 4 points....’, you don’t GET points, you have to EARN them. - compared to other stays we have missed the ‘personal touch’, we don’t even know if you are a person or an institute or ... (just a photo does’t mean much).

    Datum van verblijf: Jun 2019